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See below for details on the full day tour of London, Greenwich and The Docks:

FULL Day Tours



This tour will start from your Hotel, as all tours do, and we shall go directly to Greenwich where the international dateline is to be found. In an instant and without you knowing, as you step into the observatory, you will find yourself one hour behind! From here there is the grand view of the National Maritime Museum buildings and the water of the Thames slowly moving towards its estuary.
It is here, just outside the Observatory, that the official “Yard” measure is exhibited.

The Docks

We then continue and go down the hill to visit the Cutty Sark, the world famous ship that used to go around the world and return with its precious cargo of tea and spices. After a leisurely stroll, we proceed towards Canary Wharf where the old Docks used to be. The striking landmark of this area is the towering Skyscrapers dominating the skyline of this part of London. Here the HSBC Tower is the tallest building in London replacing the Post Office Tower’s record, (now called the BT tower) a few years ago.

Canary Wharf was, before undergoing a radical transformation, a derelict neighbourhood and probably the worst area of London in terms of buildings and houses. It took about ten years of redevelopment from erasing all buildings to the ground to erecting this magnificent new city within a city, made of skyscrapers, modern offices, residential dwellings and of course shops to complement the whole development, including its own railway station. Don’t miss the Traffic Lights Tree in the middle of the roundabout!


The tour continues to take you around London’s most popular tourist spots including The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, Marble Arch and Speakers Corner, The Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and the Serpentine where Lady Diana’s Memorial is now open to the public, The Natural History and The Science Museums, Kensington Palace and various other places of interest. At the end of this tour you will be happy to go back to your hotel and have a well deserved cup of tea.

Because these are individual tours, (up to 16 persons), the minibuses used for these is far more versatile than the usual large and cumbersome coaches, so we can take you to see places where otherwise many tourists undoubtedly miss out.

One other great advantage is that we can stop anywhere you choose rather than the pre-arranged, obligatory stops tourists have to do when in larger groups.

The tour will last approximately 8 and half hours departing from your Hotel at 09.00 returning to the hotel by 17.30.



Price on application.

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