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See below for details on the half day tour of Windsor and Eton:

Half Day Tours

Windsor and Eton

Our first stop will be Windsor Castle where you will visit the largest “continuously lived in for many centuries” castle in the world. In visiting the Castle you will see the Dolls House, the State Apartments St, George’s Chapel where Charles and Camilla recently got their blessing and many of the other rooms where the finest silver and porcelain in the world is on show. Famous paintings, armours and fine furniture can be seen amid great halls where State dinners have been served hundreds of times in the past and present. Don’t forget to ask the driver the story behind the four pillars holding up the Town Hall! The few streets around the Castle are particularly interesting with their old cobbled paving with many traditional shops including the “Crooked House” which is a real treat to see.

Eton is a few steps away just across the Thames, over a very pretty Windsor and Eaton Bridge, where just before it, on the left, you can gaze at Sir Christopher Wren’s dwelling home, now turned into a very attractive Hotel. In Eton there are a number of very interesting shops and of course the well known Eton College where many eminent personalities were graduated there. On a “school” day you can see many students in their uniform going about their business from one building to another.

Because these are individual tours, (up to 16 persons), the minibuses used for these is far more versatile than the usual large and cumbersome coaches, so we can take you to see places where otherwise many tourists undoubtedly miss out.

One other great advantage is that we can stop anywhere you choose rather than the pre-arranged, obligatory stops tourists have to do when in larger groups.

The duration of the tour is 4 hours and driver will make sure your visit will be very enjoyable.



Price on application.

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